The following are a selection of personal favourites from my concept collection; whether that is because of their style, idea, or overall feel. I have used a range of both traditional and digital media in their creation.

  • For These pieces are from a range of different projects, for clients or me personally.

Terra (2018)
Copic Marker
Created for inclusion in a comic. Terra will be one of the main hub worlds of the tribes in the world of Blunt. Although colossal and slow, Terra is a intelligent, gentle creature who only wants to protect it’s passengers. In return they tend to it’s lands and ensure it’s happiness.

Blunt (2015)
Fineliner, Photoshop.
This piece consists of 15 different concepts each with a separate storyline, and combined to create a expansive comic world. Blunt is a lush, and at times bizarre, fantasy world, set in the centre of an diverse and dysfunctional solar system. Monsters, extra-terrestrials, robots, super heroes and villains all come together to bring life to this vibrant comic.

The Bee Keeper (2015)
Fine Liner.
The Beekeeper was created for inclusion in a haunted forest area of a game. This being stalks lost travellers in order to collect more living hosts to be used as hives for it’s swarm.

Ranged Crab Tank (2014 Acrylic paint).
Created as a concept for an RTS game in which crab tank units rage war on a beach environment. There were various different units (including melee and defensive) however I really liked the dopey look of the ranged tank. The overall look was based on a spider crab, due to it’s elongated limbs I felt it would have a better view of the battlefield. I chose to use paint due to future plans to texture the model in the same medium.

Vulturaptor (2016)
This piece was created for a book exploring the prehistoric origins of mythological creatures. The Vulturaptor is an ancestor of the wyvern. Not yet adept at flight or fire breathing, the Vulturaptor is an ambush scavenger, creating small bursts of flames to scare bigger predators away from a fresh kill.

Elemental Shaman (2014)
This piece was created for a competition to have artwork printed as a t-shirt design for a clothing range. The theme given was ‘bewitched’. I enjoy the detail and colours in this concept, as it gave an opportunity for lighting effects, something I had been working on with watercolour.

Goblin Shaman (2015)
Fine Liner.
I initially sketched this concept whilst staying in a medieval-esque cottage, and felt in the frame of mind to produce a more traditional series of fantasy creatures. Out of the six in the series I liked this piece the most, feeling it portrayed not only fantasy but also presented horror themes I am fond of.

Evil Kitten Knight (2014 Acrylic paint)
Created for use in an animation festival, this is an alternate version of the good Kitten Knight (seen in the 3D models section). This painted concept would carry it’s colours and painted style through to the finished model.

Hannah the Insane Inmate (2013 Acrylic paint).
This concept was created for inclusion in a game with different themed levels. Hannah was for the asylum level, where she would guide the player through puzzles, despite her manic nature. Hannah doesn’t care that she’s imprisoned, rather, she enjoys her madness.